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After over 60 years in business, we implemented the biggest investment project in the last 25 years in Modrica county– full construction and launch of blending center for lubricants production, one of the most modern in all of Europe. This investment cost over 14 million euros and major part of equipment used has been produced by world-known French manufacturer, ABB.

This investment completed full-cycle modern technology production line which includes: production of hydrocracked base oils of groups II and III, a fully automatized modern blending with great capacity and top quality, and accredited testing laboratory, which enables control of raw materials and end product.


The main advantages of the new blending center are its supreme quality, shortened production process, optimized production efficiency, automation and flexibility of production process, as well as high degree of environmental protection.


Modern blending center allows production of special products at buyer’s request in smaller or requested quantities. This provides an opportunity to additionally develop Modrica refinery’s product range, which already includes over 250 different products.


Production capacity of blending unit is 40.000 tons of lubricants a year.