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Test laboratory


Test laboratory is a special organisational unit of Oil Refinery Modrica and it was founded over 58 years ago.

Today it is a modern, accredited laboratory within joint stock company Oil Refinery Modrica, with 23 permanent employees performing more than 180 different physical and chemical, mechanical and electrical tests.

The test laboratory can test:

  • physical and chemical properties of lubricants and cooling fluids used in industry and transport produced on the basis of mineral and synthetic raw materials;
  • Glycol-based engine coolants
  • colour fluids
  • lubricating greases
  • paraffin
  • water (industrial and waste)
  • the price of the materials from which the products are made and the chemicals.

The high level of performance of testing laboratory is provided by the modern equipment and professional skills of employees that provide fast and reliable testing. The development of the quality system resulted in the modern functioning of the test laboratory and work in accordance with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and BAS EN ISO / IEC 17025.

The test laboratory was accredited according to the requirements of BAS EN ISO / IEC 17025 in 2004. Decision no. LI-09.01 confirmed its competence for using 60 different accredited standard methods of testing and sampling of liquid petroleum products.

The quality policy of the testing laboratory is an integral part of the quality policy of the Oil Refinery Modriča.

Test laboratory is made up of engineers and technicians who have extensive experience, skills and knowledge in the field of oil derivatives, related products and chemicals testing. They are constantly working on acquiring new knowledge, introducing new methods of testing and receiving training on using new testing equipment. As a confirmation of the qualifications and precision of the employees, the laboratory is a regular participant in international inter-laboratory examinations (Institute for Interlaboratory Studes - IIS, Spijkenisse, the Netherlands).

The main activity of the testing laboratory is primarily focused on providing services to sectors within the Modriča Oil Refinery. The testing laboratory monitors the whole process of basic oil mixture (BUS) processing, base oil and paraffin, lubricants, functional fluids, as well as the process of industrial water production and the quality of wastewater./p>

The testing laboratory provides services to third parties. The primary interest of the testing laboratory is that it always performs the test in accordance with the stated methods and requirements of the customer, in order to achieve their complete satisfaction with the constant increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the complete testing laboratory operations. The results of the tests are a business secret, and accordingly they are treated in such a way. All users of the test services, at their request, can be present during the examination of their own samples.

Request for testing

Each test request for lubricants, oils and related products received shall be accompanied by a written testing request.

Testing requests can be sent to: