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Business ethics

We at Oil refinery Modrica always took special care of work ethics in relations with authorities, business partners and employees. The principles of conscious business, social responsibility and zero tolerance towards corruption in any form have always been a priority for us. We do not engage in or participate in money laundering. We respect the laws of the countries in which we do business.

Oil refinery Modrica enforces Anti-Corruption Policy, Corporate Ethics Code and a number of other documents that set standards of responsible behavior and contain basic principles, provisions and procedures for prevention and suppression of corruption. Corporate Ethics Code reaffirms the commitment of the Company and its management to high ethical standards of conducting transparent and responsible business operations, it is aimed at enhancing the corporate culture, following best practices of corporate governance and maintaining the Company's business reputation a satisfying level.

Employees of the Company, regardless of their work responsibilities, bear personal responsibility for any breaches of Corporate Ethics Code.

The reputation we enjoy as a transparent and responsible Company is essential to our success. Application of ethical principles in business enhances the reputation of Oil refinery Modrica today and ensures sustainable development in the future.


Best regards,

General manager                                                                              


Kirill Tkachev