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Reduktol Super is high quality oil for lubrication of gears, reductors and bearings in heavy industry (cement industry, steel industry, mines). Special EP additive package makes it applicable in very large static and dinamic loads. Excellent deemulsion properties provide reliable lubrication of contact surfaces. Good thermal and oxidative properties prevent deposit formation. Excellent antiwear and anticorrosion properties provide longer life of the equipment.

*On FZG test (140 °C), Reduktol Super 68 persists 12 degrees of load without damage.


Marking: ISO 6743 - 6 CKC; ISO 12925 - 1 CKC; DIN 51517/3 CLP; USA STEEL 224; AGMA 9005-E02

Packaging [kom x L]: 2x10, 1x60, 1x200

Viscosity [40°C, mm²/s]: 414-506

Index of viscosity [min]: 95

Flash Point [°C (min)]: >260

Flow Point [°C (min)]: -9