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Diesel Lube Plus

DISESEL LUBE PLUS is an additive that is recommended as a fuel additive to improve EURO diesel lubricating properties of the fuel and protect vulnerable parts of the injection system from wear.

  • Better lubricity
  • Wear protection of all parts of the injection system
  • For engines of older vehicles which is intended for diesel fuel – D2
  • Better combustion
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Lowers the costs of engine maintenance
  • Longer life of injection system

How to use: Pour the contents of the bottle into the tank for diesel fuel. It is necessary to add 0.5% DIESEL LUBE PLUS in EURO diesel.

* Use of higher concentrations DIESEL LUBE PLUS will not cause side effects but only increase lubricity.


Packaging [kom x L]: 12x1

Viscosity [100°C, mm²/s]: 3,1

Flash Point [°C (min)]: 160

Flow Point [°C (min)]: -18