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High quality lithium soap based grease containing micronised molybdenum disulphide to provide extra wear protection. It is recommended for the lubrication of homocinetic joints and can be also used for lubrication of other bearing elements under severe schocks and vibrations.


Marking: ISO 6743–9; ISO – L – XCCEB2; DIN 51825 – KPF2K–30; DIN 51502

Packaging [kom x L]: Plastična ambalaža od 0,4kg, 0,85kg, 3kg, 18kg; Metalna bačva od 50kg i 180kg

Classification: L-XCCEB 2

Penetration 60 cycle [mm/10]: 265-295

Dropping Point [°C (min)]: >190

Sila svarivanja N >3000