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Almaplex greases are aluminum complex greases. They are formulated with aluminium based thickener, specially selected additive package and colloid graffit. They are suitable for use at higher temperatures and resistant to water. Selected additives provide good adhesion on metal surfaces and excellent corrosion protection. EP additives and colloid graphite enable application in the most severe conditiones. It is used for lubrication of excavators operating outdoor, and for cement industry. It is applied in temperature range between -30 °C and 180 °C. NLGI grades 0 and 00 are suitable for central lubricating systems.


Marking: ISO 6743–9, ISO L – XCFEB2; DIN 51825 – 0GPF2R–30

Packaging [kom x L]: Plastična mabalaža od 18kg; Metalna bačva od 180kg

Classification: L-XCFEB 2

Penetration 60 cycle [mm/10]: 265-295

Dropping Point [°C (min)]: >230

Sila svarivanja N >6000