Rafinerija ulja Modrica

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The vision of Oil refinery Modriča is to become the leader in the production of engine oils, lubricants and functional fluids in the markets of the countries located in the region of former Yugoslavia. Amongst its main goals, it strives to become a respectable and trusted business partner of choice and, by offering protection of the interests of its shareholders, this refinery also seeks to establish an identity as the main provider of high efficiency and traditionally good business relationships with customers and users of its products.

Our vision also includes an aspiration of becoming the desirable business partner recognized by stability and high quality of its products and services; a partner whose basic values are:

Customer satisfaction with product quality and efficiency.

  • Satisfaction of employees.
  • Satisfaction of shareholders through the profit.
  • Satisfaction of the community for protecting the environment and contributing to the improvements of economic welfare through rational use of energy resources.