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Quality Policy

Quality policy is an essential component of the business policy of the company and is based on the determination of employees to include all available resources in order to create appropriate conditions for the improvement of the quality of business in all segments.

The main goals of our company include: the fulfillment of the requirements of the customers, constant growth of the company, respect of employees’ and shareholders’ interests, and permanent environment protection.

Consistent with the published goals, the basic principles of our quality policy are:

  • Quality and safety of products and services must fulfill demands, needs and expectations of customers.
  • Improving the quality is the task and responsibility of managers at all levels and is a continuous process.
  • Achieving and maintaining the quality of products in accordance with recognized standards and norms through increased effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Responsibility for quality assurance is an obligation of all sectors and employees.
  • Establishing the feedback system between customers and our company for the purpose of research and analysis of customers’ requirements and possibilities of their implementation.
  • Improvement of the quality of suppliers and establishing partnership with the purpose of continuous quality supplying.
  • Establishing good relations between employees and adherences to the company where all the employees will be able to understand their tasks, authorizations and responsibilities.
  • Accordance with principles of constant improvement of the processes and products through the promotion of quality policy.
  • Environmental protection, health and safety of employees are the permanent responsibility of every employee through the effective implementation of legislation in the field of environmental protection.